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Camille Claudel

Book & Lyrics by Nan Knighton | Music by Frank Wildhorn

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The Scarlet Pimpernel is a family-friendly comic swashbuckler. Based on Baroness Orczy's classic novel of the same title, the show takes place during the French Revolution. Sir Percy Blakeney, a daring English nobleman, rescues innocents from the Reign of Terror while playing the part of an inane fop at home in order to mask his covert activities. Complicating matters are the relentless Citizen Chauvelin and Percy's own French wife, Marguerite, who he fears he cannot trust.

We are very pleased to present here many of the demo tracks from Camille Claudel. These were recorded in sessions in 2001 with Linda Eder as Camille and Guy LeMonnier as Rodin, and further sessions in 2004 with Linda again singing as Camille, Michael Nouri as Rodin and Matt Bogart as Paul Claudel. The ensemble for "The Night It Began" includes John Paul Almon, Nick Cavarra, Margaret Ann Gates, Lynnette Marrero, Tracy Miller, Darren Ritchie and Shonn Wiley. All orchestrations, programming and instruments are by Jeremy Roberts. The demo tracks were produced by Jeremy Roberts and Frank Wildhorn.

In The Stone - A young Camille shares her excitement for sculpting, while showing her brother around the studio known as "The Devil's Basket."


Field Of Angels - Camille's brother, Paul, encourages her to join him in devotion to religion, an issue which begins to drive a wedge between them.


Verge Of A Kiss - In his studio, Rodin freezes the action on stage to sing this solo about what he sees in Camille.


What's Never Been Done Before - As the standoff with her brother continues, Camille sings this number to try and explain the passion she feels for sculpting and the life she has chosen for herself.


A Woman In His Arms - As their passionate relationship begins, Camille pauses to reflect on how she sees Rodin, and herself.


The Night It Began - Camille gets an exhibition of her own in Brussels. Those in attendance congratulate her on her talents and accomplishments.


Taking Back My Life - The relationship becomes turbulent as the two proud and headstrong artists clash with each other. In this number, which closes Act One of the show, Camille confronts Rodin before storming out.


Learning How To Love You - Rodin arrives at the exhibition and asks Camille if she would return to him. They share this song, admitting their shortcomings.


A Trembling Man - Rodin is visited in his studio by two government representatives offering a new commission. In the course of showing them around, he must state repeatedly that they work they are admiring was either done by Camille, or with her as the model. As they leave, he sings this number about how much she still has a hold on him, despite being gone.


Woman In My Arms Reprise - Back together, Camille and Rodin's relationship turns difficult once more. She becomes paranoid and accuses him of sabotaging her career, and begins to destroy her own work. After separating one final time, Rodin reflects back on their relationship.


Snow Falls - Camille shares a quiet moment at home with her father. Sung here as a solo, the song became a duet during the Goodspeed production of the show.


Gold - Camille was ultimately committed to an asylum by her mother and brother, spending the last thirty years of her life there and never sculpting again. In this closing number to the show, she reflects back on her life's work.

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