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Opening the Shutters

Nan Knighton's new collection of poetry, Opening the Shutters, will be released in hardcover on June 30, available for preorder. An ebook edition is available now.

Opening the Shutters is a book of poems by Nan Knighton which has been called “extraordinary” by author Delia Ephron, “glorious” by playwright Ken Ludwig, “stunning” by Richard Ridge of Broadway World. Charles McGrath, former Editor of The New York Times Book Review says, “Reading Nan Knighton is like reading a 21stcentury Edna Millay.” Elizabeth Goodenough of Secret Spaces of Childhood says “Her poems fly. They take risks…with arresting images, kick-ass verbs, hilarious dialogue and dramatic power. Brilliant.” And Alfred Uhry, Pulitzer Prize winner for Driving Miss Daisy, says, “Nan Knighton’s poems celebrate the ebb and flow of everyday life.”

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Fear vs. The Happy Ending

"Fear vs. The Happy Ending" is an essay Nan wrote for a special two-part series titled "Secret Spaces of Childhood", published by the Michigan Quarterly Review. Nan's contribution was included in the Summer 2000 issue (volume 39, issue 3, guest editor Elizabeth Goodenough).

The series, including Nan's piece, is available in book form - also titled Secret Spaces of Childhood. This was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2003, again edited by Elizabeth Goodenough. More information is available on the University of Michigan Press website, and the volume is available for purchase from Amazon.

I Know How To Do This /

Mother at Seventy-Three

Two of Nan's poems—"I Know How To Do This" and "Mother At Seventy-Three"—were published in the Summer 2007 issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review (volume 46, number 3). For more information about MQR, ordering options, or the contents of this issue, visit the MQR website.

A Place for Play

Eight of Nan's photographs have been published in A Place for Play, a companion volume to the PBS documentary "Where Do the Children Play?" The book includes interviews with experts from the television program, as well as full color illustrations. Like the program, the book examines issues around the ways in which free play outdoors is slipping from children's lives in modern society.


A Place for Play was edited by Elizabeth Goodenough, published by The National Institute for Play in 2008 and distributed by the University of Michigan Press. It is available for purchase from Amazon.

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