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Music by Frank Wildhorn | Lyrics by Jack Murphy | Book by Jack Murphy and Phoebe Hwang | Additional Lyrics by Nan Knighton

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We are pleased to present English-language demo tracks for three of Nan's songs from Rudolf: "Pretty Little War", "New Boy in Town" sung by Kate Shindle, and "Only Love" sung by Brandi Burkhardt. The demo tracks were produced by Jeremy Roberts and Frank Wildhorn.


A complete cast recording of the Vienna production has been released. This 2-CD set includes a booklet with a photo gallery from the production, and is available from VBW, and Sound of Music.

The song list for the complete cast recording (as well as the DVD, below) includes: Vorgang auf (Curtain Up); Wie jeder andere Mann Prolog (An Ordinary Man Prologue); Du willst nicht hören (The Men Who We've Become); Ein Hübscher Krieg (Pretty Little War); Marys Lied (Mary's Theme); Der Ball (The Ball); So viel mehr (Something More); Die Strahlende zukunft (Blue Skies); Zeit zu Handeln (Finish What You've Started); Wohin führt mein Weg? (How Will I Know?); Tralala (The Tra-La-La Ice Skating Song); In dem moment als ich dich sah (The Moment I Saw You); Vertrau in uns (Only Love); Die Fäden in der Hand (The Master Of The Strings); Du bleibst bei mir! (It Will Be Me!); Wie jeder andere Mann (An Ordinary Man); Mein süsser Held (New Boy In Town); Mut zur tat (Measure Of A Man); Der Weg in die Zukunft (The Steps Of Tomorrow); Die Liebe lenkt (Only Heroes Dare); Wenn das Schicksal dich ereilt (The Writing's On The Wall); So viel mehr Reprise (Something More Reprise); Zeit zu Handeln Reprise (Finish What You've Started Reprise); Du bist meine Welt (I Was Born To Love You) and Nur Liebe zählt Reprise (Only Love Reprise). 


A complete DVD recording of the Vienna production is also available. The video, produced by MG-Sound and MWB, includes the full show recorded by a six camera crew, live from the stage of the Raimund Theater. The DVD has stereo and 5.1 surround sound audio, and runs about 150 minutes. The DVD includes a printed synopsis of the show, in both German and English; it does not have English subtitles. The disc is regionless, but in PAL format. The DVD is currently available from VBW, Sound of Music or

A highlights cast recording from the Vienna production was released on 7 April 2009, and is available for purchase from VBW, Sound of Music,, and Dress Circle. The track list includes: Prolog/Wie jeder andre Mann (Prologue/An Ordinary Man), Du willst nicht hören (You Never Listen), Ein hübscher Krieg (Pretty Little War), Marys Lied (Mary's Theme), So viel mehr (Something More), Wohin führt mein Weg? (How Will I Know?), Vertrau in uns (Only Love), Die Fäden in der Hand (The Master Of The Strings), Du bleibst bei mir! (It Will Be Me!), Wie jeder andre Mann (An Ordinary Man), Mut zur Tat (Measure Of A Man), Der Weg in die Zukunft (The Steps Of Tomorrow), Die Liebe lenkt (Only Heroes Dare), Wenn das Schicksal dich ereilt (The Writing's On The Wall), Kann ich einfach gehn? (Can I Say Goodbye?), Ich schütze den Staat (Maintain The State) and Du bist meine Welt (I Was Born To Love You / Only Love Reprise).

A karaoke/sing-along CD for the show, with orchestral tracks recorded by the Orchestra of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, is also available. It contains the same songs as the Vienna highlights cast recording, with the exception of the Prologue. It is available from VBW, Sound of Music, and


A highlights recording is now available from the original Korean production of Rudolf. Oak Joo-hyun as Mary and Im Tae-kyung as Rudolf perform ten selections from the show, in Korean. These include "Only Love", "An Ordinary Man", "I Was Born To Love You" and "The Steps of Tomorrow". You can also see Oak Joo-hyun perform "Only Love" in this video. The recording comes with a seventy page booklet which includes photos. It is avalable from Sound of Music and YesAsia. A Japanese-language version of the recording (with the same singers and song selections) is also available from YesAsia


Three songs from the show were released on the Hungarian musical theater sampler CD, "Mindhalálig Musical". These include Csak Szerelem (Only Love), performed by Kata Janza; Érted Születtem (I Was Born For You), performed by Kata Janza and Attila Dolhai; and A Holnap Hídja (Steps Of Tomorrow) performed by some of the biggest stars in the country. The CD is available from Sound of Music

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