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Music by Frank Wildhorn | Lyrics by Jack Murphy | Book by Jack Murphy and Phoebe Hwang | Additional Lyrics by Nan Knighton

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Past Productions

Rudolf had its world premiere at the Operett Színház in Budapest, Hungary on 26 May 2006, and its open-air premiere in Szeged, Hungary on 28 July 2006. The show is a co-production by Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, the Budapest Operetta Theater and the Szeged Open-Air Festival.

The show first opened at Operett Színház in Budapest, Hungary on 26 May 2006. It ran through 3 June 2006 and has since played two summers in Szeged, Hungary, and three full seasons in Budapest. The cast for this production was led by Attila Dolhai (Rudolf), Bernadett Vágó (Mary Vetsera), Kata Janza (Countess Larisch), Attila Németh (Franz Joseph), Tamás Földes (Taaffe), Veronika Nádasi (Stephanie) and Zoltán Bereczki (Pfeiffer, the puppeteer). The show was directed by Kero® (Miklós Gábor Kerényi), with musical direction by Koen Schoots and choreography by Michael Reardon, Éva Duda, Jenõ Lõcsei and László Rogács. The script translation was by Gergely Zöldi, with lyric translations by Gergely Zöldi, Szilárd Somogyi and Miklós Gábor Kerényi. The show was performed in Hungarian, with English subtitles.  More information is available on the Operett Színház Website (site in Hungarian). Information and photos from the runs in Szeged can be found on the Szeged Open-Air Festival Website.

The show has played for two seasons in Vienna, Austria. Vereinigte Bühnen Wien presented the German-language premiere of the show at the Raimund Theater, where it officially opened on 26 February 2009, running until 4 July. The second season ran from 10 September 2009 through 24 January 2010. The Viennese cast was led by Drew Sarich as Rudolf, Lisa Antoni as Mary Vetsera, Uwe Kröger as Taaffe, Claus Dam as Franz Joseph, Carin Filipcic as Marie Larisch and Wietske von Tongeren as Stephanie. The production was directed by David Leveaux, with choreography by John O'Connell and music direction by Caspar Richter. The German translation was provided by Julia Sengstshmid (script) and Nina Jäger (lyrics). More information is available on the VBW website (in German and English). Merchandise from the show is still available. 

Toho Musical & Play presented the Japanese Premiere of Rudolf in Tokyo from 6 May through 1 June 2008. The cast for this production included Yoshio Inoue as Rudolf, Rena Sasamoto as Mary Vetsera, Rina Chinen as Princess Stephanie, Tatsuki Kohju as Countess Larisch, Haruhiko Jo as Franz Joseph, Kenji Urai as Johann Pfeiffer, Hiroshi Hatanaka as Szeps, Yuji Kishi as Kaiser Wilhelm, Shinya Niro as Edward (Prince of Wales) and Kojiro Oka as Taaffe.

The show returned to Japan in July 2012, presented at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo. Yoshio Inoue returned to the title role, and was joined by Kazune Miou as Marie Vetsera, Kenji Sakamoto as Taaffe, Rie Yoshizawa as Stephanie, Ichiro Maki as Larisch and Kunio Murai as Franz Josef. This staging was based on the version seen in Vienna, and was directed by David Leveaux (who helmed that production in 2009).

The Korean premiere of Rudolf was presented by EMK Musical Company at Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul, from 10 November 2012 through 27 January 2013. This staging was directed by Robert Johanson. The cast included Ahn Jae-wook, Im Tae-kyung and Park Eun-tae alternating as Rudolf, Oak Joo-hyun, Choi Yu-ha and Kim Bo-kyung as Mary Vetsera, Min Young-ki and Jo Hwee as Taaffe, Park Chul-ho and Ryu Chang-woo as Franz Joseph, Shin Young-sook and Han Ji-yeon as Marie Larisch and Oh Jin-young as Stephanie. More information is available on the Korean production website.

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