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Man With Two Hearts Found On Moon

A play by Nan Knighton

About the Show

Man With Two Hearts Found on Moon takes place on an island. Duncan and Fritz are a couple renting the first floor of a beach house. Their landlord is the imperious Fontaine Bouchard, who lives upstairs with her one-time nurse, Ginny, and who routinely injects her presence into the life of "the boys." "The boys" are actually well past forty and have recently let Duncan's cousin Harry come live with them. Harry, beautiful and much younger, is in the throes of sexual confusion when Josie enters their lives. She has left her lover, Lee, and literally run away to the island and smack into Harry with an instant chemical click. With a 9-character cast, the play uses "games" as its backbone- from Scrabble and Charades to fortune-telling and ultimately to a plethora of psychological mind games. Underneath the comedy is the age-old question: How in hell do we find the strength to commit to those we love?

Latest News

A private reading of the play took place at the Roundabout Theater on March 27, 2003. Featured in the cast for this reading were Swoosie Kurtz in the role of Josie, opposite Neil Patrick Harris as Harry. They were joined by Marc Kudisch as Lee, David Cromwell as Fritz, Daniel Davis as Duncan, Mary Louise Wilson as Fontaine, Marylouise Burke as Ginny, and Ben Shenkman and Marcy Harriell as The Rabbits. The performance took place under the direction of Brendon Fox, and the sponsorship of Bill Haber.

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