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Music by Howard Marren | Book and Lyrics by Nan Knighton

About the Show

Snapshots is an original musical in which family members of varying ages and temperaments come together at Thanksgiving, and again at Christmas.

Snapshots received its first reading at the Manhattan Theatre Club on October 11, 1996. The cast for the reading included Danielle Ferland as Eva, Nancy Opel as Kay, Sal Viviano as Warren, Dee Hoty as Hallie, Gregg Edelman as Donnie, Jerry Lanning as Bill, Jo Ann Cunningham as Lou, Patti Karr as Polly and Larry Keith as Stuart. Stage directions were read by Jason Maniscalco. Phyllis Newman was originally slated to read the part of Lou, and prepared the role, but had to bow out. Jo Ann Cunningham stepped in to fill the role at the last minute. The reading was coordinated by Nick Corley, with musical direction by Bradley Vieth. The musical theatre intern was Andrew Wassenich, and the Director of the Musical Theatre Program was Clifford Lee Johnson III.

Demo Recording
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