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Open House

Music by Howard Marren | Book & Lyrics by Nan Knighton

About the Show

Nan described this project in her Center Stage Interview with

The whole thing takes place in a dollhouse, but it's not a kids' musical. It's definitely for adults. The characters are the dolls and different creatures that live in a dollhouse over a long period of time as history changes around them. I got the idea because for years and years I kept walking by my daughter's dollhouse and I'd notice that the father had been standing in the middle of the staircase for three years and I'd think, "This is a major metaphor for life." The whole family had been sitting around eating wedding cake for two years and I always kept thinking for years, "This is a musical, this is a play. You know, to go into this dollhouse and make these people characters." One Christmas my daughter was given an extra father, so suddenly, there she was with her dollhouse but she had two fathers. She came to me a few days later and said, "Well, I've worked it out. The old father is now going to be the babysitter and he's going to live in the attic. The new father..." I thought, "This is a show. This is absolutely a show."

Demo Recording
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